HL15 - Chassis & Backplane

Does this come with fans? or just Chassis & Backplane!?

It comes with fans, 6 of them. They are wired to the PDU board.
It comes with a backplane and its wires, you can choose which wires for your MB/HBA.


oh so i wouldn’t be able to swap them out?

You can swap them out with other 120mm fans. It’s not too hard, but you do have to take things apart a bit. There are many posts on fans here if you search. Like this one;


What @ZVeguillaCotto meant is that the default setup is that the fans are connected directly to power and not, say, a PWM fan hub like would be more friendly. The fans still have their original connectors, so they can be unhooked and aren’t soldered to the PDU, but the wires they connect to from the PDU do need to be electrical taped off and tucked out of the way.

When changing the fans, you do need to still be sure that your replacement solution provides enough airflow cooling for your use case. One reason the case was designed this way originally, I think, is that the OEM motherboard has a passive CPU cooler.