HL15 Case Modifications

Who’s got plans for minor or major case modifications to their HL15?

I’ve got two modifications planned, one’s a simple screwdriver swap, one involves cutting the HL15 -

  1. I’m going to be swapping the 45HomeLab fans out for Coolermaster Sickleflow 120 RGBs connected into my Zigbee coordinator. When combined with LED strips which are also RGB it’ll enable me to coordinate lighting in my racks, all controllable via zigbee2mqtt and Home Assistant.

  2. I’m going to be cutting a modification into the rear of the case near the power on-off switch and making room to install a RS-232 COM port header, the Supermicro H13SSL-N doesn’t expose one of these on its I/O shield and I want these cabled into my serial concentrator.

If you’ve got plans for your HL15 beyond just installing drives and loading software, please do share!

RS-232 COM Port Header

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Could you do the header in a PCIe bracket? Much less destructive and permanent.


Maybe. It’s a good idea, I can only access 5 of the 7 brackets the HL15 exposes for PCIe cards because the H13SSL-N was designed with 12 DIMMs (enabling a 1DPC configuration without leaving any memory channels unused like some other EPYC 4th Gen board designs in an ATX size).

So the question is can I get this cable from the COM header over all the PCIe cards … :thinking:

If not then I was planning to modify here to take it:

@SpringerSpaniel, you could also use something like this as suggested to add the port to a PCIe slot USB Motherboard Header to Serial Adapter - Serial Cards & Adapters | Add-on Cards & Peripherals | StarTech.com Canada