HL15 Case colors

I am curious about the colors being used for the cases.

From the prototype images that were shared they seemed more a a gray color and from looking at things on the 45 Drives side I assume they were the default “Graphite Sandtex” color. From the photos for the HL15 it is kinda hard to tell which shade is being used for the black case since in the standalone photos it looks like a deeper black, but in the photos with the white case it looks a bit lighter.

I noticed the stocked colors page and was curious if you could give a reference for which colors are being used for the HL15.


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HI @dlannoye, The colours would be white and black sandtex so they are a flat finish with a texture to them

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HI @DigitalGarden, the 2 colours offered are the standard offerings. There was no limited amount of white.

When checking out you have the option for white or black which will be the case from release day into the future.

I’m not sure where you only saw black as an option. Could you provide more details?

Send an email to info@45homelab.com

OK, I see, I think. A white circle on a white background that when you select it is circled in white. That’s very confusing and not very accessible. At a minimum you should use radio buttons for the selection and highlight the selected color in blue like all the other items on the page. Labeling the colors would also help.

Hey @DigitalGarden Thanks for the feedback, I will pass this along to our web team to make it more accessible

Thank you,.