HL15 Build Contest — Show us those servers!

Hey Everyone,

Happy Friday! I hope you’re all doing well. And for those with their HL15’s set-up and running, or soon to be, we have another contest that we’re excited to announce: 45HomeLab Community Favourite Build.

In the spirit of open source and sharing, we’d love to see all of those homelab builds out there. We know that some of you have already shared your systems with the community, which look great. But we want to see more!!!

So, how is this going to work?

Well, beginning today – Friday, January 12 – if you want to participate, start a new topic here in the “Show your Homelab Builds” category. As part of your post, please share as many pictures as you want and provide as much detail as you want, e.g. Use case, software you’re running, future plans for your HL15, etc.

This contest will run until March 31st to give our new members / those still awaiting their HL15 time to get everything in place. The post with the most likes will receive a deluxe 45HomeLab SWAG package after the contest closes. New merchandise is soon going to be put on our e-store, and I’m sure we’ll include a few more surprise goodies in there too.

We will also have a prize for the second, and third runners up.

Please include the tag myhomelab in your post so that we can keep track of all related entries. For those who have previously posted their set-ups, please create a new thread (we don’t mind the double posts in this case) with your details to be included. We want to make this fair across the board.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop them below.

Remember: Every like for the original post counts as one vote. The winners will be community driven, and in no way decided by the 45Drives/45HomeLab team (except to determine the validity of the entry).

And yes, we will probably run this contest again in a few months. The orders keep rolling in. :blush:


Who won the first round?