HL15 and analog resource monitor

Here’s my mini rack with HL-15
It’s running proxmox with cockpit share as nas
other vm are windows and linux machine
I’m playing around with this analog dial to monitor portainer instance resource.


Have you experimented with the Proxmox api to have these dials to show the Proxmox host status/stats?

It would be great to learn more about these dials you have – do you have a link to its manufacturer?

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This is actually a really cool idea. I want to build one now that works off my Netdata reporting. What dials are you using? Are you posting about this project anywhere else right now?

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The dial is from Streacom

everything is possible with this dial: proxmox, netdata, etc… i’ll want to make another dial for BTC later.

this product is very early stage, they have server application up, but you’ll need to write your own client to run it for now. it will be good to have more people work on the application :slight_smile:

What programming language is needed to use their apis?

it’s webhook to local server(can be rpi) that connect to these dial via usb.
so any language that POST/GET
or just curl or wget with parameter

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