HL15 - 2.5 Inch Flash Backplane


I really like the HL15, but I need 2.5-inch slots for SATA SSDs. Is there any solution to replace the 3.5-inch backplane and slots with 2.5-inch ones? (the current solution with cadies is okay but more drives in the same space would be better)

As far as I know, 45 Drive already has such a backplane, and it should not be very difficult to replace the current one with that in the HL15.

Will there ever be an option to purchase a flash-only backplane and corresponding slots?

Thank you!

OP knows about the caddies. The trouble is $30 ea is highway robbery for people trying to fill or mostly fill an HL15 with SSDs. A much better use of $450 would be being able to put it towards one of the modular SSD backplane designs 45Drives has offered. I thought 45Drives was the company that tried to make it a part of all their marketing eschewing caddies, not price gouging for them.

I don’t think it was so much a “question” as a hint to anyone from 45HL who might be reading the forum that there are members of the users community–actual paying customers and not just creators like Techno Tim who get sent their stuff for free–that are interested in a more space- and cost-efficient way to load up the HL15 with a pool of SSDs. Especially since the core tech seems to be already available in the Hybrid servers on the enterprise side.


Thank you for your reply!

I would rather pay $450 to $500 extra for a solution with a backplane that supports more SATA SSDs, maybe up to 30, instead of caddies, since I am looking to fill it with 2.5" flash drives I would get way more room for adding SSDs.

I do not understand why 45Drives is not giving us the possibility to buy the backplane they used for the Storinator. It wouldn’t require much additional development cost to provide us with this solution. They could offer the backplane from the Storinator, a replacement for the current HDD holder, and perhaps some standoffs.

Has anyone found any workaround for this? Maybe a third-party solution?