HBA Fan bracket

I came across a video from a you-tube creator who had a fan bracket, which looks like the from vent that sits on top of the HBA card, in his Storinator. I am interested in this bracket and would like to know if this is something you made, or can make? I ask Dave, if he made this mod, just waiting for his reply

Fan bracket


HI @Pro-X, that is a part we make and sell. We typically use these on our enterprise servers when they are using hardware RAID HBA cards to keep them cooler

I would also be interested in something like this. I plan on using a 9400-16i or similar in my HL15

Would it be possible that we may order them. Definitely would like to keep my cards cool, especially due to the cost of the card. Thnx

I’d also be interested in some of these!

@SpringerSpaniel @Pro-X @stuhby ,The Caniliver fan and Heat shroud have been added to the list of things we will be selling as additional parts


I am sorry if you already answered this question. This part is really cool and I am 100% interesting in getting one. Is the list of parts you guys are going to be selling live already on the store, or is this something that is coming soon after you guys get all the orders out?

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Hey @Glitch3dPenguin,

We do have plans to update our store front with new products in the future.

As soon as those are available you will find an update here on our forum and website.

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I can’t wait! Thanks for the update!