Happy New Year 2024 to everyone

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

If you already have your HL-15 or waiting for it to shipped or deciding to get one, I hope the new year brings you close to any goals for your homelab.

For me I will be adding additional memory to my own HL-15 to use all 8 memory slots.

Take care…


Happy New Year! I’m loving mine so far, only real issue is my damaged CPU (that I wouldn’t know it was damaged if i didnt plan to replace it and remove the heat sink.)

I’m waiting for my replacement CPU. Was suppose to ship Dec.29-30, but they had a delay to get the replacement CPU. Should be coming in this week hopefully.

Beside that, I find my HL15 very good. Maybe would have go with a Chassis only if I knew, but that is too late :slight_smile: And it should be good as is, just louder than I thought it would, but that’s OK, once deployed, it will be in a different room and i’ll close the door :slight_smile: I need to install the AC Infinity fans on the wall first, so it has enough ventilation.