HA configurations?

Anyone planning to buy 3+ HL15s and aim for a high availability setup?

Was thinking the 2x10GBe can be meshed between the 3 HL15s, can avoid buying a pricey 10GBe switch :slight_smile: (which are also a pain to find at a good price)

I’m thinking proxmox—what other configurations are you looking into?

We could call this setup the HL45*

I thought about it, but it would be way overkill for my needs. (so much overkill that even the homelabber in me wouldn’t be able to justify it)

That said, HA is something that I want to learn more about and I’m currently looking at adding some used tiny/mini/micro computers to my homelab. (I already have a 10gig switch)

If that goes well, maybe I will invest in some HL4/HL8 nodes if such a product is released in the future.

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@pcuci is a homelab whale, lol.

Jokes aside, this would be a sick setup! Share pics please if you end up going down this route!

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Let’s just say I’m super lucky my partner complains almost daily about the lack of space on Compute Canada for her neuroscience research

She’s sponsoring all of this since she’s run out of space on her desk :slight_smile:


FYI it’s not quite the same (the Storinators are a bit different in scale than HL15), but NetworkChuck is building out a Ceph cluster on his channel in a series, it may be helpful to follow along for the general workflow of setting it all up.


I’ve been thinking about doing a 4 node cluster but have only reserved 1 HL15 so far. Today I have a single Truenas server and it’s a pain to shut everything down for any maintenance on it. I will do Proxmox with Ceph.


Another homelab whale lol. But anyway, welcome to the 45 homelab community!

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Thanks for the welcome, lol about being a whale. I mostly use this to try things that I can’t get access/resources for at work, ie building a test Red Hat OpenShift cluster which wants 6 nodes at 8 vCPU and 32 GB memory each. So just to accommodate that I need a minimum of 2 hosts at 128 GB memory each.

For what it’s worth the 4 systems wouldn’t be entirely new, I already have the hardware except for the hard drives and HL15 cases. Right now I’ve got 1 storage server and a 3 host VMWare cluster, so I’m looking at converting them all to Proxmox. Maybe replace one of the systems as it’s my desktop from ~12 years ago so it’s getting long in the tooth.

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Feels like the future when you can get a 4-port 100GbE switch for $650 (new, Mikrotik CSR504) and there are 32-port (used, often Arista) switches going for around $3000 on eBay regularly too.

For 10GbE, Ubiquiti has a 28-port 10GbE with 4x25GbE for $899 USD (so about one HL15 of cash).

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8 port sfp+, 1 rj45 10gbe switch, 243 on amazon. This switch rocks fyi.


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Good overview:

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