Finally... Well almost

This is what I have done so far. I still have a little bit of room so may add a bit more.

I have wanted something that will last a long time and be upgradable for quite some time. I know a lot of people don’t want to buy new things which is fine but mine will eventually be hosting many services for our charity that my wife and I started about two years ago. The specs are as follows:

Supermicro X13SEI-TF
Intel 4510
256GB RDimms
8x Samsung 1TB ssds for secondary storage pool
2x WD 500GB nvmes for OS
2x WD 1TB nvmes for app pool
13x WD Gold 8TB for storage pool
2x Samsung 2TB ssds for write cache
1x WD 1TB nvme for meta
1x WD 2TB nvme for read cache
Nvidia A4000 for transciding
Broadcom 9400-16i

I think that’s about it. In one of the pics you will notice an nvme sled that is attached via the mcio header. I will eventually get around to making a support for it to print that I will share if anyone would be interested. I did print my own pieces in gold petg. Only had one slight blemish after I got going which you can see on one of the carriers for the 2.5". All of the fans are replaced by Arctic max fans which I highly recommend. They can be a bit loud at times but they really move some air and are quieter than the originals. The cooler is the Arctic freezer 4U. It fits with no issues if anyone else was wondering.