FAQ for the 45HomeLab HL15

Hey Hutch!

I understand that the party line is that the chassis only supports an ATX board (standardized at 12x9.6 but no hard measurements have been confirmed for this case as far as I can tell), however, I noticed in some of the content creator videos you guys sponsored that there is some additional space between the second set of fans and the motherboard. Wondering if I can get some measurements for maximum board size that will fit in there. I understand that the company will only guarantee that 12x9.6 will fit and that I’m taking my life into my own hands if I deviate from that, just trying to see if it’s worth putting in an order before I roll the dice on it.

Motivated to forklift my homelab and I’d like to stuff these into this chassis if it’s at all feasible…


They are “ATX” but 12x10.1. Half an inch deeper than ATX typically is.