Faceplate Ideas?

Playing around with ideas for the faceplate. I introduce to you the 460mm HLWaifu15! Someone’s gotta do it right?


Reckon you can cut one of these on a Silhouette Cameo?

@Glitch3dPenguin Thats a cool design, just a heads upif you are planning on using this design the unit is upside down and only has 2 thumb screws on the front not 4 lol

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Lol, yeah a buddy and I were working on it over a call and I we had been removing parts from the model and checking stuff out. After “reassembling” I had noticed the same thing but I didn’t want to re-render it. Thanks for pointing it out!

I assume the best way to build a custom faceplate yourself is start with / use the 3D model which 45Drives has published, make the image you want as a layer, … :question:

I’m clueless about how Cricut or Cameo’s work than 3D printers. Does anyone have an ELI5?

It depends on the route you are going to go? Are you going to print directly onto the panel or are you going to make a decal?

If you are going to print directly onto the panel, you can just lay it out on the model and then just take a measurement where the 0 point is on the image and then line that up in the corner of your printer and press go.

  1. Sand down existing layer of paint, graphics, whatever else is on the panel.
  2. Print a white later
  3. Print graphics on top

If you are going to be making a decal, its a bit more complex. You need to pretty much get all the measurements and get that lined up with the artwork. The plotter will need the raster lines from the measurements to find the cut path.

IMO - Print to panel is the way to go here. I did 6 years of graphic printing and vinyl plotting for a living.

OR just wait for 45 Drive to offer us to buy custom panels and buy one from them. EZ mode.


I’m going to keep an eye out for sure, but I’m hoping they announce before I get the airbrush out and 3d print some stencils!!! hahahahah.

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No, no, no. Do this! (airbrush and stencils!)


Very cool idea! I say stick with the Waifu. lol

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