Error when opening 45Drive Disks Tab

Anyone else having the following error?

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/share/cockpit/45drives-disks/scripts/zfs_info", line 458, in 
  File "/usr/share/cockpit/45drives-disks/scripts/zfs_info", line 451, in main
  File "/usr/share/cockpit/45drives-disks/scripts/zfs_info", line 350, in get_zpool_status
    status_output = zpool_status(pool["name"])
  File "/usr/share/cockpit/45drives-disks/scripts/zfs_info", line 113, in zpool_status
    groupings.append( [("state", for match in re.finditer(r"^.*state\:\s+(\S+)",zpool_status_result,flags=re.MULTILINE)][0])
IndexError: list index out of range

HI @manthan, Could you provide more information on what you are doing? From what you shared I do not understand what you are trying to do or what you were doing when this occurred

The error included above appeared when I went to the Cockpit UI → ZFS tab. It seemed to have fixed itself after updating packages though.


Ah, was this fresh from the pre-install? There were a few packages missing that I brought up to @Hutch-45Drives that were still in the testing repo. With the workshop full of 45Drives/Homelab elves likely busy making all our toys, they hadn’t had time to get a separate repo up for the HL15 and didn’t want to add packages to enterprise (understandably) that could affect 45Drives enterprise chassis.

I haven’t peeked yet, but will later, to see if there is a new repo up. I just ended up moving the testing packages to lower in priority in dnf and managing by hand for a bit. Was probably the best way to get more familiar with a RHEL type system.

Hi All, We are aware of the issue where the 45Drives motherboard and disks tab do not load on a fresh install. The packages are not on our stable repo as @orix bright up.

If you are having issues and do need/want the 45Drives tabs you will need to enable the testing repo and install the updated version for cockpit-hardware GitHub - 45Drives/cockpit-hardware: A cockpit module for 45Drives storage servers

This should give you the version of tools supporting the HL15. We are working on getting the stable repo updated to support this server (or a separate repo)