Epyc 4004 update for HL15

Any plans to update the full build with the new Epyc chips? Looks like Tyan has a board that will fit :slight_smile:

These fit an AM5 socket? Or at least the socket is compatible with coolers made for AM5? What is the PCIe lane situation?

They are lga1718 just like the Ryzen and will feature the igpus as well. They all have 28 PCIE lanes. I haven’t seen anything to say for sure if they can be used in consumer boards and if the server/ws platforms for the Ryzen will work with these. Considering AsRock is selling a B650 server with them, then I would say they are compatible both ways unlike the Xeon E-2400s and Core 12-14th. The coolers will be compatible.

Ok, I’ll read more about it, I just saw one video. I was hoping being Epyc there’d be more PCIe.

65w CPU with 8 cores & ECC support for $329. If you want/need more lanes, the other options exist. This is Ryzen in Epyc branding.

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I would have hoped so too but it is basically just AMD binning some chips off their Ryzen line and making sure ECC support is good to go and the tweaking in the TDP just like how Intel does the E series. I am sure there is a little more to it, but to get more PCIE lanes this would have had to have been a whole new chip. One day maybe we can have a 36 or 40 lane.

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Aren’t the PCIe lanes 5th gen, and thus more bandwidth? Seems to be enough for a GPU compute or storage box.

More capability costs more, and sometimes cheap and good enough is the right tool.

The only devices that work at gen5 speeds that are available at the moment are nvme drives. There are rumors that the next Nvidia round will be gen5. Nothing confirmed yet though last I looked. So all you put in will still be at gen4.

I’m interested but for me it ultimately comes down to the PCIe lane configuration of the motherboard. I would want enough for a GPU at x8, HBA, and minimum dual 10G SFP+. Since right now most of the HBA & dual SFP+ cards seem to be x8 I am not feeling overly optimistic that a suitable motherboard will be forthcoming.

If you can settle for T2 instead of SFP+ then the Supermicro board will work.

Which Supermicro board are you referring to? When I go to their website and filter by Epyc 4004 series I just see one ATX style option - the H13SAE-MF which doesn’t have 10G ethernet.

No it doesn’t but you can get a dual intel 10Gb ethernet NIC that is x4 from 10Gtek. That would give you the two x8s for your gpu and hba and then the x4 for the NIC.

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Oh okay, yeah that looks like the best bet right now. The CPU cooler might be an issue, it looks like the Supermicro board has the socket 90 degrees compared to other boards and I think something like the Noctua NH-D12L might be not blow hot air straight to the back.

The socket is set that way so it can use more of the server coolers than the consumer ones. There are a few Dynatron models as well as several passively cooled options that will work. Depending on how much room you have around the cooler, even if it is canted 90 degrees it should be OK as these Epycs are rated at 65W.

Slight edit, there are four with TDP above 65W. I would say all but the 4564P should be more than OK in the HL15 even with a turned cooler.

I would like to do the 4584PX so definitely talking active cooler. It looks like Supermicro has an active cooler that comes with the mid-tower bundle. It would be nice if I could get a HL15 built out with that and the full 192GB memory.

Something like the D12L should be OK for that. If Arctic makes some brackets for their Freezer 4U that would be perfect. It wouldn’t take much those brackets and then some spacers for the board.

I’m leaning toward a Epyc 8224p at this point with the ASRock Rack motherboard.

Gotcha. Don’t blame you as I see the 4004 series being a smaller workstation/server cpu. Same reason I went Xeon 4510 in mine.