DAS Model to expand storage

I have not ordered a Hl15 yet but think it would be really cool if there was say a HL15-S model that support 30 disk or more, a power supply, and the needed cards and cables to be able to expand the storage without going to a bigger size case.


There has been a few discussions on the forum giving ideas for “what’s next” after the first server is out the door. There was a similar post here where they said there are no solid plans at this point - but I think like yourself a lot of community users are providing feedback on next products you would like to see.

As @Krushal had already mentioned, this has been talked about quite a bit. It would be very cool for there to be almost just a disk shelf options in this size as well.

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Go have a listen to the Self Hosted Podcast episode they were just on. They talked about an HL8, HL4, a Pi compatible model (I think), and selling Drives direct through the webstore.

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tbh, with the support of the HL15 I don’t understand why they don’t just offer a bare case+backplanes+PSU of any of their storinator or hybrid systems

I agree. One of the complaints (not necessarily one I share) against the HL15 is that the drive density does not match other enterprise gear that would cram 24 drives in a case that size. For many people starting out 15 drives should be sufficient and they don’t necessarily want to be forced to decide on a bigger case up front (eg, “HL30”). I like the trayless top-loading design even if not the most dense. A JBOD unit physically the same size as the HL15 that would add an additional 30+ external drive bays and has the correct SAS expander card, cables, etc. I think is a good idea. I don’t know about other people, but I don’t want to be racking gear that is particularly heavy even when empty at home.

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