Custom build between Chassis, Backplane & PSU Build & Full Build possible?

I am looking at the HL15 server to replace my aging Dual Xeon E52660V2 home server. But I need more compute & RAM than you offer in the fully built & burned in option. Would it be possible to order that option without the CPU and RAM and just source my own?

They offer a “bare bones” chassis options where you can use all your own hardware. Otherwise, these are the details on all the different ways you can order it.

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They are offering 3 different packages to choose from. One of these sounds like what you want:

You can get just the HL15 - Chassis & Backplane if you want to source all your own components or Chassis, Backplane & PSU which will include the Corsair 750W Power Supply

The problem I have with those options is I want the motherboard they offer but no one I shop through sells it as new. Only sold used on eBay and other vendors. Hence my dilema.

Well let’s give them the feedback on that then. They have another forum post going for ideas on how to enhance the store. Maybe “replacement” mobo’s and CPUs can be on the list.


@smccloud Yes, please post all feedback on the other topic that @Krushal mentioned.

We plan to add an additional parts section to the website, including upgrades and extra options/addons for you to purchase.

@Hutch-45Drives What is the time frame your looking at for the added options?

@CrazyManInCincy, The plan is to go live early this week with these changes. I believe the plan is to go live tomorrow but that might get delayed.

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