CPU Water Cooling - Odd or Fine?

I got myself a sweet Threadripper for my box. Works great. Also put a water cooler on it which is fun as the radiator obviously didn’t fit in the box, so I cut a small hole in the top of the case to run the tubs out :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if my cooling is enough though. Under normal wear (at present), I can barely scratch the surface of the 16 glorious cores (32 threads). So, I am giving it some synthetic load with s-tui and things “feel” fine, but wanted to get the reaction of others:

She spikes fast up to thermal throttle, and then cools off almost as fast. But, shouldn’t a cooler do better at keeping it under thermal throttle, or is that a pipe dream?


Typically with a water-cooled setup, it takes time for the water in the loop to saturate with heat. It also takes time for it to dissipate the heat once the load on the CPU is gone.

This to me looks like your CPU block might not be making good enough contact with your CPU causing the heat not to be dissipated into the water and instead is simply staying on your CPU

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Hrmmm - that’s no good - okay, I’ll pop it off and see if something is amiss. Thanks Hutch!

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