Corsair RMx Shift PSU fit inside HL15?

Corsair RMx Shift PSU has new side connector design instead of the traditional rear. Does HL15 have enough clearance for it work?

There is only about 3/4" (maybe 7/8") space between the PSU and the top of the case. You could probably bend cables to fit, but I think ideally would not want such a tight radius , and remember that one row of cables will likely fold over the other. Also, I don’t know if they offer two different fan orientations, but from the pictures it looks like the fan would be trying to draw air in from the case wall side and get suffocated so you would have more than “clearance” issues.


You could in theory get the cables to work as they are the type 5 cables used for the SFx style builds but as mentioned the fan orientation would put the fan against the case which will cause overheating issues.


It does not fit the HL15, I tried several months back.

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