Chassis accessories, add-ons, other features

Will there be accessories, add-ons, or other modifications available?

For example, I see boot drives mounted to the back of some Storinator chassis. Will there be mount points available, or a cage that can be purchased separately?

Modifications or add-ons of this sort could greatly expand the utility of this platform.

Hello again, @pxpunx — we’ll have all of this information available in the FAQ as well.

Is the Custom faceplate would be an option ?

In the future, it would be nice to have the option to purchase the 8 SATA SSD backplane and adapter bracket being introduced with the redesigned hybrid storinator so that one could have 12 HDDs and 8 SSDs in the drive chamber. And perhaps the fan shroud for more optimal airflow over the PCIE slots for folks using HBAs, if cooling turns out to be an issue with the HL15.

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Hey @pducharme – Yes we will be offering custom front plates after the initial release