Cables to power backplane


I ordered the HL15 chassis and i already have a corsair RM850x PSU. I try to buy 4 power cable to connect my PSU to the 4x molex connectors of the backplane but i cannot find anything…

I read that it’s recommanded to have one cable per molex connector and it seems to now exist.

I tried to found this cable :

45Drives apparently don’t sell their custom cables

For those of you who have built your own HL15 configuration, how did you do it?

Maybe read through this thread;

The TL;DR seems to be that;

a) Using 1 x4 PATA cable from the PSU should be fine in most cases since the only time the amperage would exceed the cable’s rating would be a transient spike on spin-up, not a sustained load, and
b) You can order custom cables from Cablemod–4 x1 cables or 2 x2 cables–if you want to reduce the amperage on any one cable.

The 11th post may be of specific interest;

as they I believe are using the same PSU as you.

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I didn’t saw this posts, thanks a lot i ordered 4 PSU ↔ Molex cables from cablemod


Are the cablemod molex cables suitable?
They appear to be daisy chaining standard molex connectors and not pass-though connectors which are lower profile/height to fit under the backplane.

? The cables being discussed just go from the PSU to the Power Distribution board on the side of the HL15 next to the PSU, they don’t have to go under the backplane.


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They do sell the power cables but you have to request a special quote for them. I bought them this way. The shipping is kinda expensive for only 4 cables though, not sure if you will want to pay that.

That works for the RM850x, but won’t for all Corsair PSUs or PSUs from other manufacturers (without re-pinning).