Buying hard drives for the HL15 - deals, vendors, etc

Over in the HL15 Production Update thread, there was a large discussion about different HDD options, especially where to buy hard drives to maximize TB per dollar spent. Using 20 TB HDDs, 15 of them would cost around $4500, maxing out the storage capacity at 300 TB (assuming RAID 0, lol).

But please feel free to post about different deals, ideal options for the HL15, and places where people should look to buy both new and used drives.

I’ve personally bought from Amazon, Micro Center, and NewEgg, and have favored Micro Center mostly because I can visually inspect the boxes for the drives, and ensure they haven’t already been through a shredder and a rain storm before arriving on my porch :slight_smile:

For larger bulk buys, I know 45Drives has partnered with HDSTOR, but that may be out of the purchasing range for many of the homelabbers and SMBs that are in the market for a 45Homelab server currently.

Some of the resources and sites mentioned in the thread:


Damn. 18TB Exos for $229 USD. They cost about €280 ($296) here in Europe.

I just placed an order for a bunch of these 14TB drives. They seem incredibly reliable from the Backblaze Q2 2023 drive report.

Good post by the way!

EDIT: My link to the 14TB drives has been fixed. I pasted a broken link there by mistake.

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Thanks for consolidating that here!

Looks like Server Part Deals has 18TB Exos drives (refurbished) for $159.99 with free shipping right now — I found the deal on SlickDeals (18TB Dell Exos X18 SATA 3.5" Internal Hard Drive (Refurbished)).


Looks like HDD Prices are going up too. A 16TB Seagate Exos (ST16000NM001G) went up by €30 in a matter of about 3-4 weeks here.

Not sure about using refurb drives though? Seems like a bad idea in the long run.

Looks like you’ve got a typo or something for your first link. My pihole is not happy with it and blocks it.

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Thank you for pointing that out. I guess it took 25 clicks until someone wanted to point it out. The link has been fixed!

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I’m patiently waiting for Black Friday. I’m hoping to see some good deals at that time. But I will be keeping my eye on this thread.

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Yes, I bought 10 of those. They are in transit to me, should get them monday. The 5 other slots will be filled by other HDD I have in my current Frankeinstein Supermicro CSE-836 case (2 x 12TB, 3 x 10TB). The rest of my HDD in that CSE-836 (13 x 8TB) will go in my Synology DS1621+ (replacing mix and match HDD) and 4 in my new Ubiquiti UNVR :slight_smile:

EDIT ***

I received the HDD yesterday (saturday!). The shipping boxes were excellent with disk spaced and every disk is sealed individually within the best foam that can ben use for shipping disks. I haven’t test them yet, i’ll wait for the HL15 to show up.

Since this forum has gone live. The “deals” on drive prices have been going up. All the HL15 guys are buying them all up.

Spurious correlation, my friend :slight_smile:

I did see an order number in the 200’s somewhere posted in these forums, assuming everyone aims for 15 new drives, that’s merely 3000 drives—a drop in the bucket

Nonetheless, begs the question: why did the prices trend up recently?

Perhaps “supply chain” or “real” inflation is getting reflected in these charts, at last(?)

I am mostly just kinda joking around. Honestly though the HDDs I just bought from Server Parts Deals DID in fact go up.

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