Borked cockpit prize

Is there a prize for borking the cockpit interface? :rofl:

What I think I did: while trying to find a way to install gsmartcontrol, I enabled the 45 drives test repo and did a dnf update. A few hours later, I started with the manual on page 42 for setting up zfs. This is what I get:

I then did a “dnf history undo 16” to revert back before I enabled the test repo, but no improvement.

Also, I could not install gsmartcontrol. Error - Unable to find a match: GSmartControl

Advice, jokes or memes all appreciated (but mostly advice)


Agh, I seemed to have borked my install as well. Is there a clean image we can use to start over?

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That samba requirement is a known problem.
You should just be able to sudo dnf install samba to get that part working.

I’m not sure what gsmartcontrol is, But it’s not in the 45drives repos (testing or stable), and I don’t see it available for Rocky 8 in general.

Hi All,

The issue is that you updated all packages from our testing repo so the ZFS tab is looking for a newer version of SMB than what is currently installed.

If you look at the version of SMB you have installed there should be an update for it.

still borked…additional side effects.

When I choose most recent kernel (4.18.0-513) from boot screen, I get the user login graphical prompt. After login, the screen goes black. I can use CTRL+ALT+F2 to get a command line login prompt and that works.

If I drop to a previous kernel (4.18.0-477) at boot, the graphical login works, but I get ZFS fails to load errors (which I assume is because I am not on the latest kernel)

If I were to download rocky 8 ISO, is there a setup script to get me back to the “out-of-box” initial setup?

We do not have a HL15 script for “out of the box” but if you run this script it should get you close. you will manually need to enable the testing repo and download specific tools like the motherboard tab for it to work with the HL15