Black Friday Drives Sale?

I am looking to populate my HL15. Any drive sales people seeing today?

I found this so far



nothing like populating the h15 with expensive external usb hard drive, lol.


Wonder what the $/TB savings are going the route of NAS’ing external drives; some pin modding might be required(?)

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I haven’t seen anything to make me pull the trigger yet. Hoping for better deals on Cyber Monday.

Newegg (US) has 20Tb Exos for $270.

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Just saw this on B&H for the exos

The same drives in 5-packs are cheaper here:

Hope that helps

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If you have drives that are <16/TB let me know.



This is the way. Tons of great deals there!

Has anyone from Canada have experience with this vendor?

Newegg is selling Seagate Exos X20 20TB for $269.99 —


You can only get 1 drive.

There are a lot of refurbished drives. While I have used such a drive in the 4 TB size, I would be cautious to get larger drives as refurbished or renewed.

The links I shared are listed as brand new.

Yes there are. I have bought two 18tb factory recertified Exos from them and they have worked fine. Granted there wasn’t any sales going on at the time I needed them.
These were part of an Unraid array for a media server that consisted of one I bought new and the two recertified. Both had newer firmware already installed, went through preclearing and have had periodic parity checks and smart tests with zero issues. I had seen their name pop up on other forums and gave them a go.


Yup, Serverpartdeals is solid! I’ve bought a number of their Intel NVME drives after TONS of recommendations on Reddit from folks in r/datahoarder purchasing their recertified drives.