Best HBA to use with Unraid on HL15

I’m will like to know which HBA will be recommended to use with Unraid on the HL15 to get the best performance. Currently I use 2 LSI 9211-8i but I will like to have only 1 HBA instead of 2. I know that HL15 has a backplane with miniSAS 8087 connectors that will work with my current setup of 2 cards but I’m trying to safe one of the PCIe slots for another usage.

The HL15 backplane has SFF 8643. You can buy LSI 9305-16i or LSI 9400-16i for about the same price used. LSI 9300-16i goes for much less, but runs hotter and needs more power, however in my opinion it’s insignificant, since you will pay a lot less in the next 5 years for electricity then the extra costs of the other two cards with SFF 8643. You can go with two SFF 8654 → 2x SFF 8643 cable if you buy LSI 9500-16i or LSI 9600-16i, they work too but much more expensive.

Just to clarify balika011’s response. Technically the backplane has four SFF 8643 connectors, but when you buy the “chassis+backplane” or “chassis+backplane+psu”, included in the price you will be able to select a set of cables based on how you plan to connect the backplane to your mobo and/or HBA. I think there are seven different options (A through G) with various combinations of 8087/8643/8654/7pinSATA connectors on the non backplane end. You just need to select the correct set depending on the type of connector the 16i card you get has.

Yes, exactly. I gone with the SFF 8643 to SFF 8643 option because I plan on using an LSI 9400-16i. If you want to go with LSI 9600-16i or pretty much anything else you can select the right cable when you check out.

I use LSI 9500-16i and LSI 9500-8e in each of my HL15s but note the other comments saying that the cabling set you ordered will be a factor. It can obviously be swapped too if needed (which will add some to the cost).

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I’ve decided to get a 9400-16i for my HL15, there are 2 options Set A and Set B both of them are 8643 connectors but one is 4x and the other is 2x, 2x which one should I choose for 10 Seagate EXOS and 5 Micron SSD, in the future I might change the Micron to NVMe drives.

Assuming you are bringing your own mobo and not getting the full build, you would select set A.

I’m buying the Chassis only, I got everything else from my current setup. I’m changing my 2x 9211-8i for 1 9400-16i to save a PCIe slot but wasn’t sure which one to select.

You would want Set A, Set B has 2 cables that have 8087 which will not work for you.

You would need 4 cables that go from 8643 to 8643 because both the backplate and the HBA have the same connector

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