Backplane shucked drives & staggered spin-up

HL15 backplane work with those shucked white WD drives?

Also my motherboard is old and support staggered spin-up feature. Will the backplane power up all the drives at once?

Could you drop the make and model of the exact drives in question?

the backplane has no logic on it so it is up to the controller to determine staggard spinup or not. if your controller supports it then you should be able to enable it and use it with our backplanes

I would expect the drives should work, I just finished preclearing eight WD 8TB white labels I had shucked from easystore enclosures years ago. Seven of those will be joining eight shucked easystore 14TB drives from an 8-bay QNAP NAS I’ve been running unraid on for a few years. Hoping for a nice smooth migration from the QNAP to the HL15 Chassis and hardware I bought.

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Some of the white shucked drives from easystore externals require the 3.3v pin to be taped. So if the backplane doesn’t provide 3.3v and only 12/5v then all is good.

The backplane only uses 12V and 5V there is no 3.3V power on them