Back Panel Metal 2.5 SSD Mounting Bracket

I ordered the HL15 chassis/backplane last week. Using the metal mounting bracket in the screenshot below, I am interested in mounting two 2.5 SSD’s to the back panel of my HL15 to use as mirrored boot drives. How can I order this bracket?

Screenshot is from Techno Tim’s YouTube video, " NEW 45 HomeLab HL15 at the Creator Storage Summit" at 8:31.

Screenshot 2024-01-14 175128


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Hi @mikesbark,

Please reach out to and ask for the 2.5" boot drive bracket.

This is the bracket we use on all our enterprise servers so should be able to order you some.

There are also posts on the forum of customers 3D printing their own brackets and we have released the 3D design on our printables page Printables

I’m still waiting for my 3D printer to spit out the part but I’m really hoping to get 6 x 15mm NVMe drives mounted on the back wall of the case, it would be fantastic if 45Drives had a nice collection of mounting options for the rear wall, ideally metal but honestly just proven 3D printed parts would suffice (assuming ABS/ASA or some other temperature-rated part since NVMe seems to get a little warm!).


Curious as to what that is on the side wall of the case, right side of the picture.

It’s a USB hub, there’s a couple Corals, a HSM, some fan controllers and such fitted inside the case.