Australian shipping costs

I went part way through the order process to see what shipping would be calculated as to get a barebones HL15 to Australia. I have a feeling the system may not have interpreted the address properly as it quoted US$19 for delivery. That’s somewhat cheaper than expected and doesn’t seem likely to me. Can anyone advise on what shipping would likely be to Brisbane, Australia?

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Send a note to

Did they end up getting back to you? I’m also Australian based and had the same quote for shipping.

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Good news, I got the following response from the E-commerce team…

I would like you to know that, as a team, we have decided to subsidize most of the shipping for our customers. Fortunately, shipping to Australia is now $19.42 USD; however, if customs in your country deem that duties and fees are applicable to your shipment, they will be your responsibility as the buyer.


Now to work out what customs are going to slap on it…

So, according to my reading and confirmation by chatgpt we have

As of my last update in January 2022, Australia generally imposes a Goods and Services Tax (GST) on most imported goods, including computer cases, at a rate of 10%. Additionally, customs duties may apply based on the customs value of the imported item, which includes the cost of the item, shipping, and insurance. The customs duty rates vary depending on the classification of the product under the HTS.

To get precise information about the customs duty applicable to importing a computer case from the United States to Australia, you should consult the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service or a customs broker. They can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information based on the specifics of your import.

Which means at least 10% as the lowest price is around AUD1200, meaning at least $1320. The item is then likely to be rated 0-5% for duty giving a final price of $1320-1400 ball-park.

It’s a cracking case but I could never justify that coin for a case with a backplane.