Are the 3.5" drive bays hot swappable?

Pretty much what the title ask. In the 45HomeLab HL-15 server case, are the 15x 3.5" Drive bays hot swappable?

If they aren’t, I’ve been using them wrong! :joy: I’ve had no issues removing and inserting drives while the system is running. I usually partially pull up and then count to ten for the drives to spin down before fully removing.

As @rymandle05 noted the drives are hot swappable, but you should be careful as you remove it.

  • Make sure the drive is no longer mounted
  • Make sure the drive is not spinning anymore

One of the podcast the 45 Drives team member made talked about how to handle the hard drive.

My drives are held in too tightly by the new metal spring tabs. to remove a drive I’m going to need to grab it with a pair of pliers.

For real!? I don’t need any tools to pull out any of the drives. They come out pretty easily with only a little effort.

Couldn’t get enough leverage on a random drive in the middle. The drives are notched on the corner, but they’re smooth notches so can’t really grab them. If there wasn’t a drive on one side, then I could get some leverage/friction on that surface and pull it out. I haven’t had to swap out drives a lot, but I ended up removing the metal fingers.

Hi All,

The hot swappable capibility comes from the HBA controller itself so it would depend on how you have the drives connected to the system.

Our full-build HL15 systems are fully hot swapable but if someone who builds their own and uses their own hardware might not, just keep that in mind.


what HBA do you use to make the hot-swappable?

Hi @tdampier, In or enterprise servers we use the LSI 9305-16I HBA card but for the full build HL15 we use the onboard HBA controller which is a Broadcom® 3008 SW controller

Thanks but are either hot swap capable?

Yes both the LSI 9305 and the Broadcom® 3008 SW controller which is also on the motherboard and in this HBA is hot-swappable

Thanks for the clarification. I am assuming then if the HL15 backplane is plugged in then the drives plugged into the backplane are hot swappable :slight_smile: