Any tips for getting out a shipping dent?

My HL15 got in today with a dented front panel. The steel is pretty thick and I’d like to avoid damaging the paint. Any tips on getting the dent out without an RMA?

RMA the thing I would say


Umm, that’s no dent! That was dropped and bounced off the concrete with some force!

That’s not just a dent, the thumbscrew on the front is bent. I’d just ask for an RMA, sorry!

Hi @sjenkins, I am sorry to see that your HL15 arrived damaged, please reach out to to get an RMA process started

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I still haven’t gotten an RMA but I did get everything straightened where the unit’s been working well for the last 10 days. I’m hoping to get a new front panel shipped in eventually though since the paint ended up pretty damaged even though I used cloth and pliers to coax it back into shape.

was this a full build or case only? if full build, I would be concerned that the force of the impact would have damage some other internals.

It was a full build but I thoroughly tested all 15 drive bays, all 8 RAM slots, the PCI slots, etc. This was the only place that there was damage on the entire chassis. And my shipping box was pretty pristine. I count it as a freak accident and am just trying to make everything right.

Hi @sjenkins,

I understand how frustrating it is when such incidents happen.

I have sent you an email regarding the shipment damage, and would love to get this fixed for you.

And I would also like to let you know that we have made changed to our packaging so that we can avoid such damages in future.

45Drives and their crazy super-steel forged shipping cardboard… I KID! Bummed to see one get banged up, but glad to see the team stand behind it and get you a replacement!

Though it does make me realize if this were a standard server, there would likely be lots of plastic for the ears, as well as cheap metal latches and all that which would have made racking it impossible. This looks to be totally functional, even if unsightly, which makes me feel really good about this chassis!

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Got your email and I’m back home from Cupertino. After a bit of zfs send and recv I’ll have everything offloaded back onto the old server and can reformat, swap fans, pack up, and ship sometime tomorrow.


Mine arrived this week and the box was heavily damaged as well. Like BAD. Luckily the unit was fine.

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Hey @jefft,

I am happy that your unit was not affected by the shipping damage, however I would really appreciate if you can share pictures of the damaged shipping box at

Thank you,