Add 2 Extra SSDs

A series of happy coincidences means you can add in 2 more 2.5 inch SSDs without using the 3D printed SSD mounts or any of the 15 spinning rust bays! This is great for an apps ZFS pool in TrueNAS Scale. (The DOM connector does not power the DOM that I had from the port even though it’s orange and the proprietary power cable does not work with the DOM. The alternative Molex power didn’t work out either for DOM so I wouldn’t count on using that)

  • The holes located on the side an back happen to line up nicely to screw into 2 holes of a 2.5 inch SSD.
  • The right angle SATA power cable is just long enough to power both drives. (The straight cable is too short so things get a bit more bent than ideal)
  • The backplane still works on just 3 out of 4 power supply connections