Add 2 Extra SSDs

A series of happy coincidences means you can add in 2 more 2.5 inch SSDs without using the 3D printed SSD mounts or any of the 15 spinning rust bays! This is great for an apps ZFS pool in TrueNAS Scale. (The DOM connector does not power the DOM that I had from the port even though it’s orange and the proprietary power cable does not work with the DOM. The alternative Molex power didn’t work out either for DOM so I wouldn’t count on using that)

  • The holes located on the side an back happen to line up nicely to screw into 2 holes of a 2.5 inch SSD.
  • The right angle SATA power cable is just long enough to power both drives. (The straight cable is too short so things get a bit more bent than ideal)
  • The backplane still works on just 3 out of 4 power supply connections

What are the parts you used for the PNY SSD mount?

Very interested in using this method on a HS12 board.


Just normal 2.5 inch SSD screws I think they’re M3 3 or 4 mm.

THanks but i meant the model of PNY enclosure you used :slight_smile:

No enclosure necessary that’s a PNY 1TB SSD with 2 screws holding it down.

Rare to see AMD inside a homelab box these days if not being used for gaming passthrough. What’s the scoop here? How’s TrueNAS with handling GPU’s?

I’ve been debating tossing my old 2070 Super in for some AI shenanigans.

TrueNAS Scale has some bugs right now in configuring the PCI passthru for GPUs for new VMs. You sort-of have to set up the VM without the GPU, save that, edit the VM to add the PCI devices for the GPU, save that, then edit the VM settings to add the GPU. Also, they may have fixed this one, but for a while you couldn’t change any of the settings for the VM (RAM, CPU cores/threads, etc) while the GPU was configured, so you’d have to delete it, make the edits to the other properties, then add back the GPU. It’s workable to get a VM set up once, but not for repeated experimentation. Also, before you mess with it in the VMs, you have have to add it to “Isolated GPU Device(s)”. That may not be obvious if you are winging it or aren’t following a good guide.