A few questions on the HL15


I am very interested in getting a HL15. I see that many people use ProxMox however I have yet to learn it’s quirks and for me ESXI is easier to use. So here are the questions.

  1. Is ESXI expected to work?
  2. Is there any option for hardware raid? Ideally I would like to have raid1 or raid10 for redundancy.
  3. The build option has a max of 32GB of ram. Can I load it up with say 128GB or 256GB of ram?



Hi @dovid,

To answer your questions:

  1. This would depend on your use case and the hardware you use but there should be no reason why ESXI wouldn’t work
  2. That would depend on the type of hardware you are using. if you install a hardware raid card with the proper HBA cables you could do a hardware RAID setup
  3. Yes, you can simply buy the same RAM and just expand it. I believe the CPU we ship the full build with supports up to 1TB of RAM
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IF you’re going their standard full build, check the board and CPU against the ESXi version you’re looking to install for compatibility. I absolutely have systems running outside of the HCL on ESXi 8, but remember, just because it works doesn’t mean it’s supported.

What you could do is install ESXi on to the NVME in the full build, then add another NVME card for a local VM datastore. Create a VM of Rocky/Ubuntu with Houston, TrueNAS, etc and passthrough the ENTIRE HBA to the VM.

What you would need to do from there is create your storage array, likely ZFS if using Houston UI, and pass that back to ESXi via ISCSI or NFS. Now you have an ESXi host using a Software RAID datastore that you can now create your VM’s and Containers outside of your NAS vm, while still consuming it’s storage.

So the full build ships with a CPU? I can not find any information on that. I’ve never bought a build with at least knowing what CPU it comes with.

Full build has a Xeon Bronze 3204. I was surprised when you asked this, so I went to look on the website and yeah, it’s not there anymore I could have sworn it was there.

Anyway I found this table (with optional components as well) listed in the manual to confirm the model number.


Hi All,

We are working on adding a specs sheet to the website that will include all the info.

They should be up later today.