45Drives Price List

I know that 45Drives has a ‘Config Builder’ for the other chassis like the AV15, Q30 and S45 and it will spit out a ‘fully loaded’ configuration with a motherboard, processors, memory, drive controllers, et al. I’ve read on a few forums you can reach out to Sales and get a Chassis Only price, or a Chassis and PSU price which is similar to what’s being offered with HL15 in terms of options.

Do you think it would be possible to get a price list for the AV15, Q30, S45 and XL60 and maybe any critical options for those like rails, just to compare/contrast with the HL15, and for those of us who are perhaps contemplating the larger units like a S45 or XL60 but in a chassis only or chassis and power supplies configuration? Stops all of us reaching out to Sales with similar questions? Presumably nothing too confidential here if someone’s ordering one unit and guessing that you only discount larger purchases when people are building whole racks with Storinator?

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I looked at this option once or twice before.

Although 3rd party and hearsay, the consensus seemed to be around a 60%-75% “discount” to buy a barebones chassis.

AV15 (650W non-redundant PSU) - $1,683.80 (USD)
Q30 (850W non-redundant PSU) - $2,151.13 (USD)
S45 (1200W redundant PSU) - $2,922.29 (USD)
XL60 (1200W redundant PSU) - $3,353.88 (USD)

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