3D Print SSD Mounts

I know 45Drives released a print to allow mounting of 2.5 SSDs to the back of the chassis…


I’d like to get my hands on mounting brackets that allow for 8x 2.5 SSDs if that’s possible. I don’t own a 3D printer or have any experience in this area. Does anyone know how I would go about editing the design to allow for the additional 2 SSDs?

I’d just open it up in TinkerCAD and poke around.

There are online services which’ll print you something when you input a STL.

Something like the Bambu Lab A1 Mini is a good ‘gateway printer’ for someone getting into 3D printing for the first time and don’t want to spend thousands, or faff around with a complex DIY kit.

You can always order a print of this from an online shop. If you only need two more, you could use velcro tape and add 1 on each end. I have done this for SSD’s in several builds