RESOLVED:ZFS Write Errors with HL15 Full Build and SAS Drives

I’ve written a few TB so far and no errors @ 12Gbps on the new set of cables. So, to sum up:

  • Errors observed when 45D cables are used w/ onboard SAS3008 at 12Gbps.
  • No errors observed at 12Gbps when I swapped to a PCIe SAS3008.
  • No errors observed at 12Gbps when I swapped one of the 45D SAS cables out for a Supermicro SAS cable with the onboard SAS3008.
  • Back to 45D cables and onboard SAS3008 where errors are observed at 12Gbps.
  • Pinned drives to 6Gbps, no errors observed w/ 45D cables and onboard SAS3008.
  • Swapped to 10GTek SAS cables, still with onboard SAS3008, no errors observed at 12Gbps.

I’m a little tired of swapping parts and cables around at this point. :smiley:

The outlier is the 9300-8i … other than, perhaps, a difference in design that accounted for better error correction of some kind.

Let’s see what @rymandle05 comes back with.