PCIE Cards Are Not Sitting Flush

If you think about it - One of the major selling points of the HL15 is the absence of rivets due to the high quality build. If there is a Rev 2 with a re-designed PCI area - they could just send out replacement rear panels to the early Rev 1 buyers.

(I have no idea if the rear panel is actually one part yet. I have not looked)

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Hey Everyone,

I would like to keep you updated that we are working on this issue, and we encourage anyone who is facing this issue to email me at info@45homelab.com so that we know who is facing this issue.

Thank you,


You guys rock! Thank you continuing to provide updates to the community!


i’m having the same issue. found it hard to get the standoffs to even line up with my mobo.

Same. My motherboard would hardly fit, I had to apply a lot of force to get it lined up with the standoffs and IO shield cutout.

I’m having the same issue as well with 0 clearance for PCI cards. I’m running an ASUS Pro WS W680-ACE IPMI motherboard. I have sent Vikram an email but my build is dead in the water while I wait for a fix.

If you dont want to wait, try these standoffs: McMaster-Carr
They worked perfectly for me.

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I did try those as well, @Bruteforce.

Unfortunately, my standoffs were not included with the chassis so while waiting for 45 Drives to send me replacements, I ordered the ones you linked to from McMaster-Carr.

Same result as @Muarty demonstrates in their picture with no space for a PCI card and I had to apply quite a bit of force to keep the standoffs lined up while screwing down the motherboard.

i followed @technotim suggestion and loosed the 3 nuts at the back. i found my back support was not fully seated properly. if yours is not seated properly you will see a lip instead if it sitting flush with the back edge

Hi Everyone,

I see that a few of our customers are having the same problem with their PCIe card not fitting, and I have replied to a few of our customers on their email.

I would request that anyone who is still having this problem send me an email at info@45homelab.com, and I will do my best to get this solved for you.

Thank you,

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I’m curious if this has been formally addressed or fixed before purchasing one. Thank you!

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Hi Everyone, Yes we have a revised design for the rear panel which is being sent out with all new builds.

If you are having an issue with yours please reach out to info@45homelab.com to request a new backplate

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Is the revised design modular enough to also provide for the Rev. 1 purchasers? If we had to walk so others could run, then so be it but make the revised parts kit available in the store?

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HI @Glitch3dPenguin, yes the rev 2 of the backplate is a direct swap for the rev 1.

Currently, the Rev2 is only being made when a full chassis order is being placed so when we order an HL15 chassis from our sister company Protocase they will send over all of the parts as a kit. now we have been putting in special orders for these new backplates so we do have some extra but it is not something we have enough of to put in the e-store yet this is why we would like only the customers to have the PCIe height issue to reach out to info@45homelab.com so we can place a custom order for the backplate.

Hope that clears some things up, and I’m sure we will be adding it to the store once we have more inventory available

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Which cooler did you use in your built? There aren’t exactly many (real) front-to-back coolers for SP3.


The ARCTIC FREEZER 4U SP3 is the best option in my opinion.