I have my HL15, and am happy to answer any questions I can!

Just bumping for more Rocky pics. True MVP

How tall is there from mobo til lit? I need to fit a Noctua NH-U12S


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See this thread which I think is also already linked above;


160mm from mobo to lid. In that thread it looks like @Lavavex fit the NH-U12S successfully.


Thanks for that info - when my Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 is NOT going in… :frowning: Noctua is saying: Height (without fan) =165 mm - maybe I can cut the little tops off on top of the cooler the get the 5 mm ?

Noctua are usually heatpipe designs, so the tallest part, if shortened, will likely compromise the heatpipe itself and therefore render the entire cooler about as useful as a doorstop.

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Yes, Reading your post it seems like a bad idea. But the alternative is to use another chassis…

No option to change the heatsink? Do you have an HL15 already, or do you have these components and are researching the chassis?

If the case fits your need, it much easier to swap a heatsink than finding the perfect case.