HL15 webstore needs your feedback

Hey @BVD,

I apologize for the delayed response, I have sent you an email with further communication regarding your request.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hey @urbanracer34,

I appreciate your interest on the 8bay server. I am pleased to let you know that we are really close to offer the unit on our webstore and you will also receive a newsletter informing you about the release as soon as we launch the pre sales.

Thank you,


Hello @Vikram-45Drives,

I was wondering how soon the 8bay server will be put on sale?



Hi @urbanracer34,

We are Estimating to start sale by mid May 2024.

We are excited about the 4 and 8 bay unit and working diligently to get it to our customers ASAP.

Thank you,

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Thanks for the head’s up! I’m excited as well!

@Vikram-45Drives Sorry to bother again but I was wondering how many CAD a 8-bay server will cost?

Hey @urbanracer34,

I am happy to answer your questions, please keep following up with me as we are also as excited as you are with our upcoming products.

Unfortunately, we did not reach a point where we can finalize the pricing, as the product is still under development. I can give a little inside information, we are currently reworking the latching mechanism for securing the drives, along with the mechanical design of the server.

Thank you,

I’m waiting on the excellent rumor of Noctua fans as an option :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing more about it.