HL15 Configurations, What did you select and why?

I’m going Full Build, I trust the experts at 45drives to select the best hardware for the job.


I was going to do the chassis alone, but after spending some time pricing out a comparable setup, it made more sense to let them build It so I switched to the full build. It will replace my existing z800 Unraid rig.

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I have also put myself down for the full build, mostly because I really want this project to succeed and more products be introduced.

I really love how well thought out the storinator designs are and I am happy that 45drives is making something similar available at a price point that folks who are not enterprise customers or famous tech youtubers can afford.


Full build… Kinda wanted the full 45drives experience… and less hassle…


Hi @Bill - how’d you get all this working with so little code? Impressive :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to get Rook to work on Microk8s bare metal for a year, and failed, my current attempt is Ceph via proxmox, then plug Rook into it - can you point me to how you got this piece working?

Hi Paul,

I followed these documents for Rook:

It was fairly easy to do.

I also enabled my Proxmox Ceph Cluster to function as an S3 server using this guide:

I hope it helps.


Full build, have built a lot of systems, but stop doing system builds when the CPU’s have over a 1000 pins to screw up and $100’s of dollars to replace and $500 dollar motherboards. Too much stress for me.

Still replace dimms, and cards, and drives.

Came into some money decided to update my home lab, get rid of some janky systems. Replace my firewall and core infra structure with low power stuff.


Power Supplies and custom back plane. I am planning on moving an existing server over to the HL15. I have a Seasonic 750 watt power supply. I am guessing unless i purchase w/ power supply or use a Corsair one that the back plane power cabled would nee to be re-pinned to ensure compatibility. Anyone have any ideas on this?

I got case + psu since I’m transferring over an existing server that currently lives in a used supermicro chassis (which has a proprietary PSU). I don’t have the space for a full depth rack. At 20" deep there’s nothing else like the HL15. A pricy but easy purchase to make.

HI @aflawrence you are correct. the connector would need to be repinned for the backplane.

Chassis + Backplanes + PSU

Like the case design, but going for an otherwise low power/low heat build based on a CPU with a lot better performance/watt than the low end Xeons to run VMs as well as the NAS. Probably a Ryzen Zen 4 APU and mobo.