ARMing my HL15 (arm64)

I’m hoping to do a few strange things with the HL15…

For the latter, I haven’t tried much storage-wise (mostly been focusing on other interfaces, and Windows 11 support)… but at this point in time, besides OpenMediaVault or rolling my own thing, does anyone know of any other good storage platforms that’ll run on arm64 / aarch64?

Has Cockpit/Houston been tested on arm64? Maybe I can be the first to try if not :slight_smile:


While I haven’t done it yet, I actually thought of doing the same thing. I assume you would just use an LSI card supported by in-tree mpt3sas? I may have to set aside time next week to test out a few ideas as well. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Yes; see my initial experience with mpt3sas on the Pi 5 here; I haven’t tried it out at all on the Ampere system yet, but hopefully it ‘just works’ just like most other devices I’ve tried work out of the box.

(It’s nice to have 128 PCIe lanes to play with :slight_smile:

Great article Jeff! There was a large bit of buzz around the PCIE support, but I hadn’t yet seen any actual implementations outside of yours.

I’d recently had a chat with the parents asking if I could toss a few bucks their way and put a remote repository on some sort of device in their house for an offsite backup of critical things. Initially, I thought I was going to be limited to a NUC or similar as I didn’t want USB SSD’s and a micro SD for boot.

This opens quite a few possibilities for a truly small footprint NAS. Maybe that Storinator Jr. isn’t so far off? Count me in for a preorder, but only if we can have custom faceplates that call it the “Geerlinator”.

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Yeah, I know already Mirko Electronics (an EE I have worked with from Poland) has a design for a single and dual M.2 HAT that would make a tiny little board with RAID1 a possibility.

I’m also campaigning for someone to build something like the Radxa Taco but for the Pi 5 as a HAT. With PCIe Gen 3 it should be able to get more than 100 MB/sec through the network to disk without breaking a sweat!

Man, that little thing is sweet! If I could manage the tiniest of OPNsense installs on that with the Wireguard plugin… Then grab one of those little 5G LTE modems…

It would be a truly portable little NAS. I could toss it on my desk at work and no one would bat an eye.

It would be really cool to see if anyone goes full ARM and build out an Ampere server!