Activation Email not working

ummm there’s no way to re-request an activation email… so can’t checkout…

I tried to checkout, it forced me to register, never received an activation email and there’s no way to resend the activation email, and I can’t go through the registration process probably because the email is already attached to a pending account, and can’t log in because the account is not active…

since there’s no support email, I’m gonna shout into the void.

Try reaching out to for help. That seems to be the email address that folks are using for support.

Hey @bryan,

We have fixed the issue you were facing and verified your email for you.

You can login to your account now and complete your order.

You can reach me at if you need further assistance.

Thank you,

I’m having the same issue with logging into the page as OP? Anything I can do to get a new activation email or something sent?

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Hi @KenAmDesigns,

Welcome to the forum, I will get this fixed immediately for you and get back to you on your email.

Thank you,