Access to the 16th drive lane

The HL15 takes 15 drives, but requires 4 SAS cables which could otherwise support 16 drives. I’m curious if that 16th is usable in any way - perhaps I could keep a hot spare duct taped to a chassis wall somewhere.

Hi @andy and welcome to the forum, Unfortunatly how our backplane design works it would not be possible to get the 16 drive to work. the last HBA cable would plug into the backplane for the last 3 drives and the 4th goes nowhere.

The only way this could ever work would be to somehow split that last HBA cable and take out the 4th drive to have it separate from the backplane which as of now is not a solution.

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Starting the countdown until I see the “[GUIDE] How to Use the 16th HBA Lane” post.

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SATA forward breakout cable
→ 3 SATA Male/Male adapters
   → SATA reverse breakout cable
→ 1 Drive